Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Android integrations: Scoreloop integration on Android game (American spy) - part 1

American Spy is a simple face memory game I created for learning purposes. My plan is to integrate in it everything that it can be integrated for free, and that makes sense to integrate. This blog will have purpose of following my progress. Will different integrations bring more users to my app? How much time will it take for my app to collect these new users? Are those users willing to spend some money on my app? These, and similar questions are the ones I will try to answer on this blog.

Scoreloop was the first and main feature I wanted to add, because it brings closer powerful social network of users to my game. I registeder, downloaded SDK and began with integration. It took me few hours and I was finished. Integration is two step process:

1. Configure your game online on Scoreloop page
2. Implement Scoreloop function calls inside of your game code

People from Scoreloop were very pleasent to talk to, quick in their response time, and very helpfull. Activating my app took ten minutes. On the left side you can see some screenshots of my app. In a couple of hours my game had few very nice features like: leaderboards, challenges, social features...If I had to create those by myself I would probably spend couple of weeks. Off course, although Scoreloop provides white-label solution I didn't bother to create one for my app. I think this is maybe necessary if your app is a brand, but for a small app like this, I think this would just be a waste of time. Also, I believe that UI I would create would look much worse then the one Scoreloop provides by default.

First comments were great. This was one big step for me and my app. Now I have to see, how will I exactly promote my app and everything good Scoreloop has brought me. It seems like, although Scoreloop is popular among developers (more than 130 games already have Scoreloop integrated), thers is not many users that are using official Scoreloop Android app for finding new games and apps powered by Scoreloop (according to AppBrain only 1000-5000). This is next challenge and something I will write about next time.

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